Game Influencers

Businesses who strategically drive sustainability by being human-centric, eco-centric and cause-centric and who ultimately make the world a better place, by being better businesses.

Business principles of Game Influencers

Game Influencers are companies who operate by and associate with companies who integrate the following principles in their very operational DNA:
  1. Leadership-resilient – Guided by leaders with EQ who proactively build inner and outer resilience to continually recalibrate and reframe their strategies to lead their business and people through ever-changing circumstances and crises.
  2. Purpose-inspired – Connected to a higher purpose which is embedded in their very operational DNA and translates in positive outcomes and engaging experiences at every single touchpoint.
  3. Impact-conscious – Sustained, sound financial performance through dedicated human and cause-centric business strategies (as opposed to shareholder-biased strategies) that proactively serve to help grow both the economy and socio-economy.
  4. Digitally-powered – Expanded capacity for consistent, accelerated growth in a digital landscape, achieved through continuously deploying cutting-edge ‘light and scalable’ technology and enabling constant upskilling of the workforce to best utilise it.
  5. Workforce-optimised – Resilient workforces comprising caring, open and symbiotic relationships with insourced personnel and outsourced collaborators in an environment that stimulates both personal wellbeing and professional growth, aligned with the business goals.
  6. Captains-of-industry– Authority, transparency and credibility form the golden threads that run through the entire business, underpinned by unquestionable legal compliance and corporate governance, fairness and justice to all, and where relevant, active participation in professional bodies and industry associations.

Six business senses of Game Influencers

Founded in the insights of latest studies and findings that prove people’s decisions are more emotional than rational, Game Influencers use the following “six business senses” in the way they design their products and services, as well as the way they take it to market:
  1. Aesthetics – They consciously apply their skill and their creative imagination in the way they design their products and the manner in which they reach out, to appeal to people’s innate desire for beauty and connect with their stakeholders.
  2. Storyscaping – They leverage the power of stories coupled with exciting experiences to engage their stakeholders in immersive worlds.
  3. Holistic thinking – They acknowledge the value of each of their stakeholders’ contributions to their bigger picture and the greater scheme of things and incorporate this in their communication.
  4. Feelings – They take the utmost care to consider and embrace people’s emotions and their differences, as well as the various cultures and belief systems, in every element of their communication.
  5. Purpose– They serve a higher purpose beyond the normal order of business and they show these pieces of their hearts to their stakeholders to elicit their complete support and devotion.
  6. Play– They incorporate elements of creativity, play and fun to enhance communication, cultivate relationships and inspire big ideas.
Ultimately, Game Influencers realise that they’re not predominantly producers of products and services; they’re makers of things and experiences that change the way people live, work and play. In the same way people’s senses enable them to experience their world, Game Influencers use the “six business senses” to bring their stakeholders into their world.

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